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Save time! Why spend hours on eBay doing a listing?

Pickup 2 Sell provides complete service. We will pickup all your stuff and sell it on eBay and other online services. We do all the work and you get the money. How simple is that?

No need to worry about how, to list your items, or set up an account, nor how to collect money, or give out any personal information on the Internet. No need to figure out how to package or ship items. No waiting in lines at the post office or UPS Store. 

We take the hassles out of online selling

We do all the work for you for a small commission fee.

Now there is no good excuse to get rid of your stuff - We do all the work for you!

It's better than a Garage Sale

Top of the line items at Garage Sales usually sell for pennies on a dollar because you only have maybe 100 people show up. With Pickup 2 Sell and eBay you can expose your items to over 115 million people!

Need to sell your car - truck - boat - motorcycle - RV?

Pick Up 2 Sell can list your vehicle at a very reduced fee that is less than half the normal price. There is a non refundable $100 fee.

A 10% service fee and standard processing (2.9%) if customer purchases your item with a credit card and depending on listing type eBay fees may also apply.

  • We go to the vehicle's location
  • We professionally photograph it
  • We write descriptive copy about it
  • We list it on eBay
  • We take care of payment collection
  • We bring only qualified buyers by appointment only

The simple and easy way to sell...