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Please note that we do not pick up furniture & large appliances.

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Brief Description of items Please note: For our free pick up service a total sell value must be over $300 which can include items sold together as a group that is valued for $50 per item group. If minimums are not met a refundable $10 pickup fee will be collected at the time of pickup and refunded only if item(s) sells.

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PickUp 2 Sell will act as a consignment agent for you, the 'seller'. We will list your item on eBay, once your item sells, you will receive a check from us within (14-21) days of delivery of the item to the buyer. If your item(s) do not sell, you can have us deliver your item(s) back to you within 7 days or we can donate to charity in your name for a tax deduction. By clicking 'Pick Up My Stuff' button you certify that you are the actual owner of the items and you authorizing Pickup 2 Sell to collect payment and deduct fees (as listed on the Service Fee page).